Thursday, August 2, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Well, after several weeks of no internet (or atleast no consistent connection) and several weeks of eventful living, I am now getting caught up with this blog. So much has happened in the past month. We've had lots of joys and pains. The important things can be summed up with the following subtitles: Michigan, Yuri Marie, Surgery, Breastfeeding woes, and Smiling Will.

I'll start with our trip to Michigan for the week of the 4th of July. We typically travel to Northern Michigan for this holiday and stay for about a week. My cousin, Evamarie wanted to have an open house for the baby while we were there and the result was very memorable. Evamarie has a wonderful knack for throwing parties. The food was spectacular, complete with a delicious carrot cake made from scratch by my Aunt Carol. We had such a great time being with family and it was so great to introduce Will to them all. The next few days were spent with my sister Earon and our neice Mia and other family. Our trip was cut short, however when we got the call that Erin (our sister-in-law) was being induced on the 5th, so we got in the car and drove 10 hours back to St. Louis.

Yuri Marie-
We spent that night in the hospital waiting room with Rodney's and Erin's families. Our neice, Yuri Marie Malone was born at 4:30 am on July 6th. We spent the next couple of days recouperating from the trip and lack of sleep and enjoying the new baby. Two things struck us about Yuri- 1. How much she looked like her mama and 2. How much babies grow in a month! Putting Will and Yuri side by side made me realize how much Will has grown and how I cannot afford to let these newborn moments pass me by without truly taking in each day.

Rodney had the misfortune of tearing the ACL and miniscus of his left knee back in March playing soccer. He finally had surgery on the 19th of July and that's when I learned how dependent I am on my husband in this new chapter of our lives! Without Rodney's brother Brett, the first week after surgery would have been impossible. I did my best to care for the baby while Brett cared for Rodney. For that we are indebted to Brett and will have to dream of ways to repay him. Rodney is recovering at a rapid rate. The doctor said he'll be on a stationary bike in a week.

Breastfeeding Woes-
The trip to Michigan started a very difficult time in my life that I'm sure I'll never forget. Let me explain. Trying to make our 10 hr. trip not take three days, we decided that I would pump and give Will bottles in the back seat. In the days that followed I proceeded to be plagued with clogged ducts, milk blisters, mastitis, and thrush, with the latter lasting the longest. The thrush and milk blisters made nursing too painful, so I continued pumping and giving bottles. This was actually not too terrible, as it allowed Rodney to help with more nighttime feedings. The main problem with all of this (besides the physical pain on top of new mommy fatigue) was that due to all of the bottles we had been giving Will, his latch suffered. When I tried to nurse him after the thrush had cleared up I noticed that I was very sore during and after our breastfeeding sessions. One day after talking with Marisa, who is my pregnancy and new mom "guru", I found out that there are certain types of pacifiers and bottles that contribute to a "biting" latch in the baby. When I heard this, I quickly threw away all of my nuk pacifers and switch bottles. After several attempts in the past few weeks to breastfeed, while primarily giving bottles (la leche legue approved ;)), it seems as if maybe his latch has improved. This is very encouraging as I was nearly ready to give up. It still is yet to be seen, though. The funny thing is that despite all of these troubles William has not suffered one bit, weighing in at a hefty 13 lbs. (75th percentile) at his two month check up this week!

Smiling Will-
About a week and a half ago William decided it was time to show us he was happy with the most adorable smiles! At first it started out as kind of a look of wonder and then, an unmistakable smile. We've been trying to capture them on camera whenever we get the chance. I've posted one successful attempt. Enjoy!