Sunday, November 4, 2007

Presenting the Candidate for Holy Baptism

This past Sunday Will was baptized. It was such an incredible occasion for our family. Rodney and I were both commenting on how similar it was to our wedding in the sense that all these people we love and care about were gathered at one time to love and support us and Will. Nancy, Jerry and Brett arrived Saturday morning and we met up with Michael, EJ, and Yuri for a yummy birthday lunch for Jerry (his birthday was Thursday). Then we left them and met up with Paul, Laura and Geoffrey (the Godparents) and Erin (Paul's girlfriend) for a meeting with Teresa about how the service would go. We talked about theological reasons for infant baptism and just went over the service in general. After the meeting Laura and Geoffrey came out to a special mass I was hired to sing at and Rodney stayed with Paul and Erin, and his family. Then, we all went over to Mike and EJ's and ate Vietnamese food and inhaled Nancy's famous chocolate chip cookies. It was a great evening of good food, good conversation and overall fun (I even fell on my keister in the kitchen re-enacting "White Christmas" with Laura- the only person other than my sister who can sing all the songs and knows all the dances).

Sunday was a very busy morning. We were all up early getting ourselves and Will ready, as well as the house. Church was amazing. Here's a roster of all who were there to celebrate (other than our regular church family): The Schroeder family (Amy, Jimmy, Emma, and Zach), The Eash family (Marisa, Kyle, and Preston) all the Malones, the Waymans (Michelle, Ben, and Caden), Pancho and Emma, and Mulala. John and Mary Massena were even there with their two girls visiting Kendra and Mike Dando (who attend St. John's as well) along with Nathan Holbert. It was so great seeing them all there. After church we had a reception here at the house and we think there were thirty or forty people here (some in and out). Sarah couldn't make it to the baptism but joined us for the reception, and we truly enjoyed her company. Nancy made a delicious roast and Rodney prepared some casseroles. A few others brought side dishes and, of course, there were lots of Nancy's delicious cookies. We even had a birthday cake for Jer. Besides the great food, we had great conversation and at one point, even had a baby-play group going on in Will's room with Caden, Preston, Yuri and Will. I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get any pictures of it because it was very cute.

Well, Rodney and I want to thank all who were able to come to either the church, the reception, or both and especially the family and Godparents who have already done so much in love and support of Will's young, but already full life so far. We thank God for all of you. May God bless you and your families the way He has blessed us through you.

Enjoy the pictures from the weekend:

EJ and Will

Will taking a nap with his new stuffed tiger (thanks Paul)

Will, Caden, Rod and Ben

Malone Family


Will and Grandma Nancy

Will, Grandma and Grandpa Malone

Friday, November 2, 2007

Moo! I'm Mean Boo!

What: Halloween 2007
Who: William Paul Malone, 5 Months old
1st Halloween Costume Ever: Cow
Type: Holstein (that's for you, Kyle)
Partner in Crime: Preston James Eash
Instructions: Enjoy some cute pics of the evening. The night ended with a psuedo- slumber party with Preston and some good chinese food for the parents. Happy Halloween (read with scary voice)!!!!