Thursday, August 21, 2008

These past few months have been pretty smooth sailing with the pregnancy, which has been good. However over the past week or so I've noticed some changes: moodiness and fatigue. The moodiness has mostly to do with the hormones I'm sure (although I bet if you asked Rodney to be candid he would say it's no different from non-pregnant Gina) but the fatigue is most assuredly due to the late night Olympics watching on prime time NBC. I am very depressed that Nastia, Shawn, and Michael are all done with their events because they kept me glued to my TV for the past few weeks. It's probably good that I don't find diving and beach volleyball quite as interesting because it gets me to bed earlier. I do have to say that it's been fun to watch the short distance runners, except their cockiness sometimes gets to me.

I think this little girl has been inpsired by the games because she has decided to do some tumbling of her own. Lately she hasn't stopped moving around. Today she was particularly active. This is definately the best part of being pregnant. Feeling that little life move around.

Will is getting funnier and funnier. Today he decided to try some overt manipulation by feigning being hurt when the dog took the ball from his hands. Then to sweeten the moment, he stuck his tongue out to show me where he recently bit it. Guess he enjoys sympathy. Tonight after dinner Rodney and I decided to both chase him around the house and tickle him at the same time and then run away from him. I swear he was going to have a heart attack he laughed so hard. He's also taken to enjoying a good pee in the bathtub. He stands up and lets it trickle into the water that then has to be drained. Let's just pray that he doesn't figure out that pooping can be equally relieving in the tub. G-ee-roosss.

Here's a photo from a recent visit to the botanical gardens. Gma and Gpa Malone, he finally fits into the birthday outfit you gave him!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Big Boy PJs

Recently Will has been busting out of his PJs and it was necessary to buy him a new set. I was particulary excited about this wardrobe addition because he made the move from baby pajamas to big boy pajamas and he looks so cute in them. The first night we put them on I think we took 25 pictures. The second night this number was reduced to 22. Here are some of the better photos:

GQ Pose

Proudly Perched
A Little Night Music
These New Pajamas Give Me the Power to Read Upside Down

New fun game: Will sits in front of the fan in his room and drones "ahhhhhhhhhh" enjoying the distorted sound he hears. His dad taught him that one.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks and Updates

Thanks to all who left comments on yesterday's post regarding "so big." Your comments were all very helpful and served to make me feel banded to the wider world of pregnant women.

On to some Will updates since he's gotten less talk lately. He's pretty funny these days. Rodney and I keep watching him learn new things with awe and spend a lot of time chuckling and laughing. Some cute things: 1.) He's started to repsond to our "uh-oh/nah/no thanks" with his own head shaking whenever he approaches the off-limits items (examples: open dishwasher, tv buttons, computer cord, and the velcro tabs on his cloth diapers which he loves to undo). 2.) He started asking for a "bah" (book) while he gets his diaper changed. A while ago I started giving him some favorite board books to look at on the changing table and it's proven to be his version of a magazine while he sits on the pot. Hilarious. 3.) Lately he's taken to chasing the animals around the house with squeals of delight. Much to our disappointment (he doesn't know the difference) the animals don't get the same rush. 4.) He takes great pleasure in pointing out "das" (dogs) and "duhs" (ducks) whenever he sees them. I think it will take some time before he distinguishes a duck from a goose, but close enough.

The other night Rodney and Will got into a game of "cell phone keep-away" and I caught some of it on video. Shortly after this was taken we hit the "nah" hard with the diaper tabs. You'll see why.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tick Magnet and "So Big"

Rodney recently went on a 2 day backpacking excursion with Che and returned with one extremely exhausted dog and HUNDREDS of tick bites. Yes, you read that correctly. He counted over one hundred tiny bites just on one foot. It's pretty nasty looking not to mention very uncomfortable, although it's starting to heal now. We took some photos just for documentation purposes, but I will not share them and gross most of you out in the process ;). Michael thinks he's cursed because each and every time he goes hiking he comes back with several tick bites while others on the same trip get little to none. We're trying to figure out how this is possible, but for now I think he will not go hiking for awhile (atleast not this summer).

Yesterday I had my monthly OB visit and things are looking/sounding great. Dr. Turner hooked up the doppler and we heard Eva's tiny little beating heart. She was really active while I was laying there and at one point she kicked the device while it was on my belly. After asking whether or not I was experiencing any soreness or pain (and responding my that tailbone and sciatic nerve hurt sometimes) Dr. T told me about a free study that Wash U is doing regarding chiropractic work on pregnant women and back pain. You have to be at least 24 weeks pregnant, but she encouraged me to look into it now because by the time I make the appt. and get in to see them I may be at 24 weeks. I am very interested in this study because I did have quite a bit of back and hip soreness with my first pregnancy in the later months. I would love to be more comfortable this time.

I have gotten a few comments from people I know that I'm looking "big" with a certain amount of surprise in their voices. This has been very discouraging to say the least. I'm not sure about you all, but I am self conscious enough about my body and comments like this do not add to any kind of positive self-image (pregnant or not). I decided to ask my OB about it since, heck maybe I am abnormally large or something. She responded with some wonderful words of affirmation. The first thing she said was "don't you know by now to ignore what people say?" She then proceeded to tell me that I'm measuring 21 cm at 21 weeks and that I've gained 11 pounds and I'm halfway through my pregnancy. She said these numbers are perfect and everything is quite normal. We then talked about how there should be books written for people about what not to say to pregnant women such as "Are you having twins?" or "Wow, you've still got 6 weeks left??" We discussed the fact that other women are mostly responsible for such comments and how people shouldn't say anything at all unless it's positive or complimentary. I completely agree. In the meantime if anyone has suggestions for polite responses that would be great, as I'm sure it's just the beginning.