Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In The Hospital

Many of you probably got the news, but my water broke last night around 5:30. I have been hospitalized and put on bedrest while they try to keep me pregnant until Friday. Marisa beat me to the chase and posted a pretty thorough description of what's going on, so I'll send you to her blog here so you can read about it.

We have gotten a flood of emails and phone calls with all of your concerns and well-wishes, and for that we are truly grateful. Our church is pulling together a dinner-delivery list and even a sign-up for babysitting if needed. What a blessing.

I am in fairly good spirits and am anxiously awaiting the birth of this little girl who apparently wants to be a little early on the scene. We pray for her health and our emotional stability as we approach the challenge. Thank you for being such an important part of that.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween PJs

You know that phrase "this too shall pass"? Well, as trite as it may sound it's good to keep in mind on the days that I feel like the world is crashing in (i.e. the day of my last post). Because, like my dad and I talked about on the phone the other day, things could always be much worse. I know this in my head, but thanks for listening and empathizing with me when it's hard to remember (or when verbally spewing out my emotions serves a cathartic purpose more than anything else).

One answer to prayer- Laura called me and reminded me that she has two girls with crates of girl clothes that they've outgrown. I'm all for sharing and passing-on, so this is a huge answer to clothing prayers.

The contractions have seemed to slow down and I've traded them for a slight cold. I'll take the cold. Rodney and Will have been passing it around and are more miserable than me (well, Rodney anyway). Rodney's looking forward to a relaxing weekend playing soccer (homecoming) and attempting to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. I'm cheering him on in both respects.

Will's napping has seemed to improve this week. The only exception was on Sunday when Rodney was painting his room and we put him in the pack 'n play in our room. He was quiet for a good while after I put him down so I thought he was alseep, but then I went in to get something and found him playing with my music bag (it was on a surface he could reach). After picking up a few pieces of shredded music, I moved the pack 'n play further from anything he could potentially get a hold of and shut the door. Then, after about an hour of hearing him play on the monitor, Rodney went in to get him and found him pantless, diaperless, and half shirtless (one arm out). Needless to say, he wasn't really into napping on Sunday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am currently in one of the most stressful times in my life.

I just started my eighth month of pregnancy and we moved into a house that needs so much work. My 16 month old needs constant activity and trips to the park are getting harder and harder (the back yard will soon have to become our "park"). I just started singing in another professional choir and have forgotten twice to go to rehearsals due to scatterbrained-absentmindedness that according to my pregnancy book is on the increase at 32 weeks. I have 5 nights in a row of Bach Society, with 2 concerts, 1 rehearsal and two recording sessions. It's a good thing I'm paid to be there. There's noone but me to clean the upstairs apartment to get it ready for Juanita and this one still needs lots of organization. Will needs winter clothes, Eva has no clothes and I'm on the verge of tears (all of this with Rodney's Africa trip in 2 weeks). This is a raw post, I know.

So, where is all this stress getting me? Apparently a visit to the hospital. I need to start by saying that everything is fine, but I definitely need to take it easy.

Some background information is needed: Last Monday at my OB check-up Dr. Turner asked if I was having contractions and I casually replied "yes." She asked about frequency and some other things and seemed concerned. I was not concerned (until she was) because I remember having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions with Will. After doing a cervical exam she determined that I was "thin" and that my cervix was at the midway point. She warned me that if I had an episode of 6 contractions in one hour that I needed to come in to the hospital. She debated whether or not I should come in the following week (instead of 2 weeks) but said that if anything happened between now and then just to come in. Fast forward to Friday night. I was singing in Alton with Bach Society and had consistent contractions throughout the concert and even well after I got home. I decided to eat, drink and sleep and go in to the hospital the next morning. They checked me and said that I'm definitely thin but not dilated, so they sent me home with some instructions to stay hydrated. I still need to speak with Dr. Turner, but it's definately shaken us up.

So, what now? After this week I don't need to go to Bach Society rehearsals because I'm not singing in the Christmas concert due to baby arrival. I've also decided that I MUST rest when Will is resting and pare down my commitments as much as possible. If this means sleeping in on Sundays and missing church, then I've decided not to feel guilty (as was the case this Sunday). I'm accepting/asking for more help from Rodney and trying not to get worked up over the "little things." I'm very grateful for the encouragement I've received from family and friends and look forward to having Nancy around in a few weeks and after that family to be around when the baby is born. I have to remind myself that I am not alone.

I said it was a raw post.

On a more positive note, Rodney was able to paint Will and Eva's room this weekend. This provided me with some tears of joy and a respite from my stress. Thank you, Rodney.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Two Posts for the Price of One

Hopefully you will consider this post a deal and not a tedious way to get you all caught up.

Post 1: Moved-In
We are now officially moved in to the 1st floor apartment of our two-family flat and I am already enjoying the perks. Tasks such as laundry and grocery shopping at this stage of my pregnancy will no longer be as difficult as they once were. Something as simple as taking a walk with Will will be that much more convenient and letting the dog in and out is a cinch! In fact, as I write Che is contentedly sleeping on the back porch. He seems to be much happier when he can come and go outside whenever he wants.

Before I share photos, I want to thank some people: First of all, I need to thank my gracious brother-in-law Michael for taking an entire day off of work to paint for us. I am certain that I would be depressed having to stare at all of the unfinished walls of this place today, but now with two of the most important rooms finished (ceilings and all) it has made all the difference in the world. Thank you so much, Michael. Also, thanks to Michael, Scott and Kyle for helping us move. What a blessing it is to have such friends and family.

Now the pictures:
Living Room, Angle 1
(sorry about the blurriness)

Living Room, Angle 2

Dining Room

Kitchen and Will's forehead

Our Bedroom, complete with peeling walls

Will and Eva's Room, Angle 1
(we haven't gotten the bedroom window treatments in yet so the blankets are serving as black-out shades)

Will and Eva's Room, Angle 2

I feel pretty good about how things are coming together as far as overall organization. Now it's just the things that make a place feel like a home that I'm anxious about. Of course painting the rest of the house will make a huge difference, and then putting up wall hangings. The kitchen (ceiling) and the bathroom will most likely not get done before Thanksgiving and all I have to say is that I feel for Rodney as I know he's so overwhelmed with the task list.

Post 2: Other Notable News
Will is going through some interesting phases right now. The biggest is with napping. He's recently decided that he hates napping and for a couple of weeks would refuse to nap just about ever other day. We decided to do Ferber for naps so that he could be getting his sleep requirements and although it's definitely helped, we've still encountered rough spots. The other day he cried (after many visits from me) for over an hour in his crib and never napped. Thankfully, he's sleeping fine at night (probably from sheer exhaustion) although he is waking up earlier and earlier in the mornings. This morning he was up at 5:50. Ugh.

The other phase he's going through right now is stranger awareness. He's never actually gone through this this phase until now, so it's been interesting to observe. It's really not that bad, he just seems much slower to warm up than he ever has.

Oh, and food. Let's just say that there are days when Will constantly asks for food. I've determined that he does it when he's bored, which apparently is quite a bit. Rodney and I have discovered that he needs A LOT of stimulation and doesn't play alone for very long. Yesterday he whined nearly continuously during the day for food and I decided to add it to my "nah/no thanks" list ("no" is reserved for dangerous behaviors- either for himself or others). The "nah" worked yesterday and we'll see if it continues to work.

Will loves his books. This is one of the only things I can count on him doing on his own for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Making you proud, Grandma Nancy!
Right now his favorite word to say is "bus" and his favorite sound to make is a whinnying sound like a horse. Call them new fetishes. Sometimes William will neigh like a horse when he wakes up from a nap or do it repeatedly while riding in the back seat of the car. He also calls any large vehicle a "bus." Rodney and I spend a lot of time laughing these days.

The pregnancy seems to be going well and Eva is moving like crazy. A week or so ago she seemed to be moving constantly to the point of annoyance (imagine something pummeling your belly non-stop). I do get tired and sore when I overdo it, but as long as I rest during the day I feel much better. The nice thing about this pregnancy is that I actually have time during the day to do that (as long as Will naps, of course=)).

I am now singing with the Saint Louis Symphony Chorus which is pretty exciting, but have yet to attend a rehearsal. They are rehearsing for two different upcoming concerts, one of which I am not singing in because it's scheduled for the week of Eva's due date and I am not required to be at those rehearsals. I am really looking forward to singing with such a high quality ensemble. I'm sure there will be no end to what I learn.

I'll close with some photos of Will and I. Sorry you can't see the belly that well, I will try to get a good belly shot soon.

At Forest Park

Zen-Yoga Master

Quint-Bongo Boy - Making Uncle Marc proud!