Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Month

The month of February has been quite the busy little month. So much has happened but I will try to do some summarizing to cover the important stuff. I started back full throttle with singing which has been very fulfilling, but is the main reason for the busyness. On Valentines Day weekend the symphony chorus performed Verdi's Requiem, a first for me. This was one of the most incredible musical experiences I have had to date. I loved it so much that it (in conjuction with the Bach Society, my voice lessons, and just thoughts I've been having) has got me thinking about maybe starting a music blog while maintaining this as my family blog. That way I can get some thoughts out without boring the heck out of those who just wanna see a cute picture from time to time. While I definitely see the benefits of doing this, who knows if I'll have the time. I can barely keep up with this blog at times! Stay tuned, however- you all will be the first notified if any such thing materializes.

William has had a persistent cough for a little over 4 months now and we finally got him into the allergist on Tuesday. Turns out he's allergic to mold, dust (dust mites), the dog slightly, and a few trees. He's now on Singulair and we have to do something about the sunroom (it has mold and mildew damage and is currently shut off from the rest of the house but still is a problem). The cough isn't horrible, but I'm glad we got it checked out because the doctor said the risk of asthma developing is present, not to mention the fact that any kind of long term coughing can cause scar tissue to show up in the lungs.

Besides all that Will is really becoming a little boy lately and everyday he wows us with something new that he's learned. He knows almost half of the alphabet, the numbers 1-10, and the other day he recognized his name written on a piece of paper. He's starting to read his favorite books along with us by saying the word that comes next when we pause at memorable spots. I seriously love watching him develop and I feel sad for Eva because I admit that it's not as exciting the second time around (I'm sure I'm not alone here).

Speaking of Eva, she is precious. Smiling, cooing, gurgling, and on the verge of laughing. She's a lot more prone to smiling than Will was at the same age, which is fun. I LOVE how soft and pink and dainty she is. I'm most definitely getting my girl fix with her and I'm aware that this will only increase as she gets older. The best thing about miss Eva is that SHE SLEEPS (not to mention breastfeeds fine and has an overall good disposition, but those are bonuses ;)). She sleeps great at night and even sleeps a good portion of the day. She is, however awake and fussy from about 7-10 every night, making bedtime hard when you're flying solo (like Rodney does on rehearsal and concert nights). I do realize that it won't be long before they're both on the same bedtime schedule and I'm looking forward to that for sure.

Rodney's having a rough time at work lately mostly due to the fact that his school is unravelling at the seams. Administrators are leaving and not being replaced and there are not enough security guards for the 700+ students. Fights are breaking out daily and there are absolutely no consequences for the students. I hesitate to wright this because I'm sure I'll get a worried phone call from my mother tormorrow, but the thing that's keeping Rodney's classes in relative order is that he is a good teacher and in general the kids like and respect him. It is a very bad situation though and he is looking for a new job. Not sure if this is something I should advertise on the internet, but the school is in such bad shape it shouldn't surprise anyone anyway (or so I hope). So keep us (especially Rodney as it can be pretty hard on is morale at times) in your thoughts and prayers.

No pictures tonight, I've already written too much and it will take forever to download them. I'll save it for another, not so lengthy post. So much for summarizing. I should never make such promises.