Friday, March 12, 2010

Turning Corners

Lately, both kids have seemed to turn certain corners in their cognitive and emotional development. Even though they are at different stages this simultaneous emergence into a new stage has been interesting (and sometimes very funny) to observe.

Lets start with Will. It seems like every day he says something new that makes me marvel at what goes through his little brain. Today's comment was no different. Some background info is required. Whenever Will wants to do something that he can't sometimes we say "when you're bigger you can do that." Well, Will decided to turn this comment on it's head today. He was climbing onto some storage crates that we have stacked and ready to go to the basement and he said, "Mom! Look at me! Someday when you're little you can get up here with me!" Sometimes I could just squeeze him.

Eva is entering the beloved terrible twos stage. This whole week she has turned abruptly from a mild mannered, chill baby to babe-zilla. I hear frequent screams of frustration followed by grunts and cries that sometimes are accompanied with dramatic body-throwing and hand-slamming into to cabinet doors that are within reach. Yesterday she didn't get what she wanted so she proceeded to ram herself into the kitchen wall then turned and ran to the cabinet beneath the sink and rammed herself into that door, only to throw herself down in exhausted cries onto the floor. Poor thing (I admit I was secretly laughing, enjoying the show).

Speaking of shows, here's a good one. Eva decided that this toy was really something one should "ride."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The New West Side Story

In light of my unplugging bit on the last post, I thought this was pretty funny. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Loose Ends and Updates

Wow. I look back on my last post and think to myself, I could have explained to Kyle why that Michael Franti video brought back memories in just as many words as it took me to say that I would soon (I think my original intention was to write something a little longer). But now that it's been like 2 months I'm afraid it's lost relevance. Though that's true, I don't like having that little loose end just hanging there, so I'm going to tie it up and then proceed to updating.

Loose end (that I'm sure no one cares about now):

When we lived in Paraguay some of my best memories are of my travels to Brazil. We took a two week trip one time that brought us to Rio and a big island of the coast (called Ilha Grande which means Big Island in Portuguese) that is still to this day my most favorite vacation ever. I love the Brazilian culture and music and that video had several images of Rio. Someday I will go back.

On to the updates.

Since Christmas we've just been chillin' and that's I think mostly why I've gone off blogging and facebook. It's just been so nice to disconnect myself and have my only little retreat that I'm thinking this is my new way of life. I don't think it's avoidance behavior. The opposite actually. Not feeling the urge to update the masses (or maybe the 5 that really read this) has allowed me to focus more in general on living life as opposed to thinking about how it will sound in a blog post. I realize that there are many successful bloggers out there who do just that and I'm thankful for them when I sit down to read, but for me it's been healthy to 'unplug'.

I don't think I'll unplug totally, though. I'm just giving myself freedom from guilt and letting the frequency of posts be what it will be without apology.


He has become a full fledged member of the Terrible Twos as of these past few weeks. Someone told me that three is really when things get rough and with that b-day on the horizon, I'm bracing myself. Rodney and I used to sit in bed and say "He's so great, we're so lucky, this is awesome" or some version of those words (we actually still do this) but now we're saying things like "that was a hard day, what in the heck was he thinking? thank God he's in bed now." I find myself chasing him around more, picking up a limp, protesting child, putting him in more time outs and wishing I could give him away to the circus for just a few hours. But, the flip side is that he is learning so much that sometimes my head spins. The other day he sang "Sweet Baby James" by heart while rocking out on his electric guitar. I didn't even know he knew that song so well. Today he asked me "Mom, can I use this pencil?" My response: "Sure." Him: "You're not using it?" Me: "No. You can use it." Him: "Are you sure, Mama?" Me: "Yes, baby." How did he become a person so quickly?


Also, becoming a person. She is now a toddler, walking everywhere and even practicing her soccer skills (she'll toddle after the ball saying "kih, kih" ("kick, kick."). She has taken to singing lots. In her repertoire are the following songs: Twinkle Twinkle, Dora the Explorer Theme song, The ABC song, the Clean Up song, and Old McDonald. Of course they're not perfectly clear, but you can tell what she's trying to sing. <side note: I'm looking at this list and thinking she needs a little Mozart or maybe some Aretha Franklin. But the elem music teacher in me realizes that there's a reason why we have nursery rhymes even if it's just the simplest way to teach tunes.> She is exploring her world and testing boundaries daily. She's gotten used to reaching out her hand to those things that's she's not suppose to touch and saying "no, no" and then walking away (good girl). One thing that does frustrate me about this little one is that she is a mama's girl. Which loosely means that whenever she's upset I'm the one she goes to and she likes to cling to me when she's in a funk (not her father). I get tired of this sometimes even though I could be flattered by it. Maybe it's just a glimpse into our future of super-awesome mother-daughter duo, but that's yet to be seen.


Still loves his job even after the first full semester. He says the students are still difficult but the school is so great that he's able to handle most anything. His neck has gotten a lot better and the neurosurgeon told him that he's not a candidate for surgery (for a while we thought he'd need it). Things are going well for him and we're thankful.


I came up with a game plan to tackle some musical/career goals that in the past were only lightly mentioned as possibilities. I'm planning a recital for the coming year, I'll be preparing to audition for Opera Theatre St. Louis for next season, and I just auditioned for Union Avenue Opera and have yet to hear back. I still have a lot of work to do since I am not in a formal opera training program, but I feel that studying with Carol gives me so much freedom to still be a full-time mom and yet have access to someone that has a lot of expertise concerning an opera career (not to mention an enormous amount of hope for me).