Friday, March 12, 2010

Turning Corners

Lately, both kids have seemed to turn certain corners in their cognitive and emotional development. Even though they are at different stages this simultaneous emergence into a new stage has been interesting (and sometimes very funny) to observe.

Lets start with Will. It seems like every day he says something new that makes me marvel at what goes through his little brain. Today's comment was no different. Some background info is required. Whenever Will wants to do something that he can't sometimes we say "when you're bigger you can do that." Well, Will decided to turn this comment on it's head today. He was climbing onto some storage crates that we have stacked and ready to go to the basement and he said, "Mom! Look at me! Someday when you're little you can get up here with me!" Sometimes I could just squeeze him.

Eva is entering the beloved terrible twos stage. This whole week she has turned abruptly from a mild mannered, chill baby to babe-zilla. I hear frequent screams of frustration followed by grunts and cries that sometimes are accompanied with dramatic body-throwing and hand-slamming into to cabinet doors that are within reach. Yesterday she didn't get what she wanted so she proceeded to ram herself into the kitchen wall then turned and ran to the cabinet beneath the sink and rammed herself into that door, only to throw herself down in exhausted cries onto the floor. Poor thing (I admit I was secretly laughing, enjoying the show).

Speaking of shows, here's a good one. Eva decided that this toy was really something one should "ride."