Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Laborland Part 1

All day yesterday I felt weird. I woke with a feeling that labor was about to start and sure enough, as the day rolled along contractions were an ever present fact. They didn't start getting real strong or regular until about 7:30. I was already in touch with my Doula, thinking something might happen so when I called she was ready to come over. She arrived sometime after 9pm and I was actively working (sweating, pacing, breathing).

After making sure bags were sufficiently packed, arrangements for kids were made, and the infant seat installed, we agreed that Rodney should get some rest since things weren't that difficult yet. Nancy (the Doula) and I passed the next five hours or so timing contractions (some were well over a minute long) chatting, sometimes snacking, and resting. We decided by 2 am that I should try to get some sleep before things really got hard. I decided I'd be able to sleep better in my bed as opposed to the couch, so I got Nancy a pillow and blankets and gave the couch over to her. After falling asleep easily, I slept for an hour maybe having one or two contractions while in bed. I got up and consulted with Nancy (who had been sweetly dozing) we decided that if I felt like it I should keep sleeping. So I did. Between 3:30 and 6am I felt very little contracting. Labor had stopped.

According to Nancy, this is not common but certainly not unheard of. Something similar happened to her during her first pregnancy. We could do some natural stuff to get things going, but she felt strongly that my body knew what it was doing and since we were in no rush (I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow) she felt that it'd be best to leave things alone. She reassured me that I had in fact been in labor (possibly knowing I'd have some self-doubt) and that since I had already worked for a good amount of time, things should go pretty quickly when it picked back up again.

I've felt a few "sweaty" contractions this morning, but mostly all is quiet. I'm trying to take advantage of the break and not obsess over when it'll start up again. What a lesson in patience and giving up control.

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